Yea that’s scary

Yea that’s scary. I remember the experts saying its not wise to purchase new vehicles because they depreciate at least 10K the moment you drive them off the lot. Its best to purchase vehs that have been leased because you know they’ve been well maintained.

But, as for myself I always purchase excellent used vehs with cash. But also my business mentors have always told me never to lease a car unless its a business write off. I can’t see how its beneficial to the private individual. I have friends who pay $800 notes on a leased veh. I don’t understand it.

“Delay Gratification” is what I say.

I also remember when I withdrew money from my 401K, (transferring employers) it was instructed that I take the money and retain it into a IRA Roth acct for at least a week to avoid the additional penalties. That is what I did.

Also you may want to invest some funds in consulting a Certified Financial Planner or Tax Planner to help with the tax situation.