Where to turn?

What to do now – I have been trying to get caught up on credit so payments are on time and all. But there is always something that is thrown in my path! This time I don’t know what to do – My son is getting married next month and it’s 1,000 miles to back up home so there will be gas, food and the hotel. I don’t know what to do about a wedding present. I am sewing my dress, hubby is borrowing a suit jacket from my brother so we’ll just need to get pants shirt and tie. I don’t have a problem with that because I am not about to miss my baby’s wedding – luckily they are paying everything for the wedding themselves but I want to contribute if needed (and I am sure my ex will).

Now my REAL dilemma is (ARE):

1) We are paying $200 a month to pay 2002 Fed taxes, still have $2500 to go for 2003 and I owe $1200 for this past year’s I haven’t paid. Will they do a compromise? Lots of tax compromise sites say $10,000 or more.

2) Every month I either pay my car or hubby’s so one goes late either my a couple weeks if not the 30 days. We’d like to get something less expensive for hubby but truck is leased so for us to sell it would be too high $$ asking price. I drive a considerable distance for work so need a more dependable car – mine is financed. How is the best way to get rid of a leased vehicle? We need to get something so he can get a “puddle jumper” for work.

3) Our Lease to purchase on the home is up in a little less than 60 days. We either have to buy – which trying to do but with our score and needing a no down loan may be difficult for the price of the house. They will extend the lease but it will be $65 more a month and house price goes up. Best advice? We are in the best location for both of us to get to work. I am struggling now with the high monthly rent so am worried about going higher.