Mortgage and debt settlements

1) Anyone have an idea of where to get a 100% mortgage with low scores? We have been working to get alot of credit issues cleared up but takes a while and our lease is up end of Sept and we really want to buy the house but have no down, only what we put down originally which would be the closing costs probably if that.

My mortgage company ( part of the group I work for) couldn’t get anything at 100%. I think there are loans out there for down payments too aren’t there?

2)WE went through a debt consolidation and it became a NIGHTMARE that is most of the problem on our credit – all those we put with them went into collection because they never contacted the companies to set up payments – I would have been better doing it myself.

I have documentation where I took them to the atty general and got what they owed me back but is there any way to get that noted on my credit reports so it shows it wasn’t my fault?