I was warned by the judge

I was warned by the judge as well as my lawyer that should I try and drag this on further with the appeals, they will see to it that I loose my so called “generous visitation” she has temporarily awarded me which is unsupervised weekends. The prob was not whether his mom or I were unfit, it has to do with the fact that she hates America and wants to go back to Ireland.

I found the evidence, she was stopped, and they took the kid away from my temp care because she promised to surrender all of his travel docs. I don’t believe her for one second as she is desperate to leave.

Judge warned her though, DO NOT TAKE the child out of court jurisdiction.

I know his relatives love him, but his father has the exclusive right to him, and the damn govt. cant even follow through with their orders to reunite them.

This is National TV, what about me? You won’t see my case in the paper should she break with him!!! I work my hands to the bone and now they are coming for all I have. Listen, I am hanging in there, but by a thread. I don’t want to loose what little I have left of my son. You know how bad I wish to appeal this?! But if it means loosing my kid, what choice do i have?

He is my world, as all of your children are all of your worlds…. There has to be another way for us all.