Getting rid of the vehicles

Well as far as getting rid of the vehicles – mine has quite a balance on it – we got the 0% interest but it doesn’t pay much the first year or so. So more is owed than resale is now (there’s a warning to people getting those loans) and the other is leased and they told us if we turned it in it would still go down as a repossession!

Our taxes are high because my hubby’s retirement – the company will not take out taxes and we haven’t had them taken out of his SS as we have needed the money now. We have no mortgage or kids to get much deductions. sooooo I have an extra $10 taken out every pay check on mine.

Plus we had penalties for early withdrawal on my hubby’s 401k or IRA because the company screwed up when he retired and we had to have money for down payment on our old house.